Custom handkerchiefs and scarves

Luzdeseda turns your creativities into beautiful designs for your cloth handkerchiefs or scarves.

We transform them into a custom handkerchief or scarf.

We work daily in offering women’s handkerchiefs with our customers design.

How we make handkerchiefs?

We have eleven references so you can choose more freely the fabric of your customized handkerchief.

  • Satin. Silk fabric with a high consistency and supreme elegance.
  • Twill. A type of textile fabric with a knot pattern in diagonal and parallel.
  • Crepe of China.A fine and light silk fabric.
  • Satin/lycra. A silk fabric with great elasticity.
  • Georgette. It is named in honor of the French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante, famous in the twentieth century. It is a very light fabric.
  • Habotai. It is one of the most basic silk fabrics. Traditionally, It was woven in Japan. Currently, most Habotai are woven in China.
  • Chiffon. A fabric light and flat. It is made using crepe threads (with twist).
  • Wool – Voile.  Elastic wool fabric, slightly tapered, porous, made with simple strands twisted sharply. The word Voile has French origin and means veil.

What finishes have your customized handkerchiefs?

Personalized handkerchiefs or scarves can be finished by hand, by machine and by hand and machine simultaneously.

Hand-finished handkerchiefs

Sewing is an art and hands sewing the edges of a silk handkerchiefs is no less than a painting in a museum.

It is a privilege to wear a scarf made especially for you and finished with the hands of a professional sewing trader.

Handkerchiefs with machine-finished (overlock type ruler)

Customized handkerchiefs and scarves finished with an overlock sewing machine have a professional appearance and quality never achieved with any conventional machine.

Being able to wear a women’s scarf finished with an overlock sewing machine is a great option to be able to wear a custom scarf with high end finishes.

Handkerchiefs with machine and hand finished

We adapt to your requirements and we are able to prepare a cloth handkerchief with edges made with an overlock machine and the work of an expert seamstress.

It is a great option to customize your silk handkerchiefs with a technique that joins the best of machine-made with the work by hand.

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