Textile Printing


Luzdeseda helps you to customize any creativity you show on silk and wool.

You show us a drawing or a photograph and we will print it with our printing equipment.

We are specialized in digital stamping on fabric for fashion and decoration.

Textile printing

Impresión textil en Luz de Seda

Textile printing

Advantages of textile printing

Speed. One of the main benefits of stamping on fabric with digital printer is time saving. Thanks to this technology, you can order a job today and receive it in a week at the most.

Economy. The costs of digital textile printing are cheaper than the old printing systems because the materials have a low price.

Flexibility. Traditionally, textile printing had been reduced to 6 and 12 colours. With digital printing systems we can print in millions of colours, so the possibilities are unlimited.

Ecology. Digital textile printing is more sustainable than analogue printing because It uses ecological inks and supports that respect the environment. In addition, less resources are wasted than in traditional systems.

Growth of textile printing

Currently, stamping on fabric is one of the most dynamic areas of the printing industry. And, nowadays, this market is registering a high growth.

Digital printing on canvas is experiencing a time of splendour now and It will continue in the future in the short and medium term.

Textile printing in history

From time immemorial, mankind has needed to print drawings and paintings on canvas.

Experts thinks that Far East as the first point on the planet where it began to be stamped on cloth. It is estimated that first impressions in serigraphy, one of the most popular textile printing techniques, were made by inhabitants of the Fiji Islands in 3000 BC.

From the industrial revolution in the nineteenth century d.C., It is printing on fabrics massively, with the development of analogue printing. In the 1990s digital printing emerges and a great variety of services too, such as digital textile printing.

Digital textile printing is a quick, economical, flexible and ecological solution for your customized ideas.