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3 March, 2023
Impresión digital textil

Digital textile printing

Why are we committed to digital textile printing? Nowadays digital textile printing is the last trend in the market because it promotes efficiency, agility, and profitability in the textile production. Digital textile printing can be differentiated for different reasons: What […]
2 March, 2022
especialistas en la producción de pañuelos personalizados

Personalized scarves

Luzdeseda has been working for years in the field of digital textile printing on silk and wool. One of our strengths is our specialization in the production of small quantities of personalized scarves with exclusive and timeless designs. To produce […]
17 February, 2022
Movimiento Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is a movement that considers the processes and resources used to create clothes to conceive fashion from a conscious, ethical, and respectful approach to environment, workers, and consumers. Above all, with a focus on sustainability.  To understand the […]
7 May, 2020
Como mimar tu pañuelo de seda

How to “pamper” a silk scarf

Silk fabric is a noble material, from the obtaining of the thread to the weaving. In our case, we follow this process; printing, washing, and confection. It is an artisanal and laborious process. There is a belief that washing a […]
16 April, 2020
Combinar pañuelo de bolsillo con un traje

How to combine a pocket square in a suit

Men can also combine the pocket square in different ways. Nowadays, the tie is already accepted in our country, however, it is not happening the same with the pocket square, for this reason, we should not abandon it or leave […]
11 March, 2020
Combinar un pañuelo de seda como un cinturón

Different ways to combine a silk scarf

As history says, Arab men between the 15th and 16th centuries were the first ones to use the kerchief to protect themselves against heat and sweat while working in the field. At that time, women started to use the scarf […]