Different ways to combine a silk scarf

As history says, Arab men between the 15th and 16th centuries were the first ones to use the kerchief to protect themselves against heat and sweat while working in the field. At that time, women started to use the scarf by placing it on their hands as an ornament. At the end of the 19th-century men started using the pocket square kerchief in their blazer.

Nowadays, fashion dictates that a silk kerchief or scarf can be used as a complement in any look to give dynamism to styling. Here below, we will detail the different ways to use a silk scarf.

Silk twilly on the wrist

If you choose a total white look, we recommend you put some color on your wrist by using a silk twilly.

Twilly de seda en la muñeca

Silk scarf as a belt

One of the most interesting alternatives is to combine a silk scarf as a belt. Whether in jeans, a T-shirt or a dress. The silk scarf should be snug at the hip or waist to enhance the figure.

Combinar un pañuelo de seda como un cinturón
Usar un pañuelo de seda como un cinturón

Silk scarf as a complement of your bag

These days it is fashionable to give a touch of color on your look by adding a complement to the bag. In this way, a different style is visible with each silk scarf even if you carry the same bag.

Pañuelo de seda como complemento para el bolso

Silk scarf in your hair

The silk scarf can be used as a headband, pigtail scarf or even to get a more original wedding hairstyle. You can tie your hair in a high bun, make a braid or a ponytail and tie it with the silk scarf.

Pañuelo de seda usado como diadema

Silk scarf around the neck

It can be used in a classical way or wrapping it around the neck; for instance, you can use it as a necklace to highlight large jewellery.

Propuesta de fular en el cuello
Pañuelo de seda usado como collar

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